I've tried these before they work good are all black when I take them off in the morning I feel refreshed and energized after using them. You should wear them at least 8 hours for them to work well.
Debra Parker
I have used kinoki pads for pain and I have a lot of it. I have tried different brands of pads and they are pretty much the same. I apply these to my feet for plantar fasciitis, my shoulder and if someone is around to help I apply it to my spinal column by making a long strip of them taped together. It's phenomenal that the relief from chronic inflammation & pain is gone for a few days. The pads are very nasty after wearing them for the night. I wear the ones on my feet with socks, so they don't come off during the night. If you have some serious inflammation and pain, just apply these to that area and feel the results.
John D Sutton
I love that i can get a cleanse while i sleep! Package did not arrived damaged or incomplete, so i gave it a try. Results were great. Woke up refreshed and rested!
These are a great way to remove the toxins from your system very easy to use and pain free !!! Excellent product and a great price.
Pamela Bell
Very very good supplier, package is good and shipped fast.
S. Casey
I have used these pads for many years and they really work. It is a good price and pulls out the toxins from your bodies.
Use these ALL the time for years!!! They really work, if I go few months then use it's amazing how much bad stuff is sucked out of ya by looking at the pads they will be really really black and that is a great sign!!!
I would recommend this product to ANYONE and EVERYONE! I couldnt find these in the store, and to find them online seemed to be a magic. :) I am one happy Camper!
Wow is all I can say, this product is absoluteness lol This really works and I am incomplete amazement!! You should really try this product out.
This product works great! I'm using it as part of a radiation detox to pull metals and free radicals from my system. The pads were black as burnt coal this morning when I pulled them off. My feet and legs feel very relaxed today!
Angela Larkins
I used it on my feet and my feet felt good and easy to walk better i would buy this again but they ran out so to me it's worth it.
Great product that really works as they claimed.